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Hair Care

"HEALTHY IDEAS NEEM WOOD COMBS” are great hair care products. Neem is known for its great health benefits as it is a natural Antibiotic, Antibacterial & Antiallergic. It protects our hair from various ill effects of pollution & climate. It is surprising that a simple habit of combing with “HEALTHY IDEAS NEEM WOOD COMB” can help in reduction of dandruff, hair fall, scalp infections & irritations, itching, lice & split ends. Because it gently massages the scalp, its finely crafted teeth stimulates the scalp blood vassals & roots of the hair. The medicinal quality of neem prevents any growth of germs causing scalp infections & irritations. Thus it is a natural way of curing hair problems, protecting you from harsh chemical & allergies "Healthy Ideas Hand Crafted Neem Wood Comb" helps to distribute the natural oil secreted from the scalp to the complete length of your hair & hence prevents hair from premature graying; resulting in long, strong, shiny & beautiful hair.

Plastic and metal combs  have pointed edges and  have sharp tooth. Regular usage can cause damages to your scalp thereby leading to hair loss.  Wooden combs are generally soft and are very gentle on your hair.and stop hair fall
Dandruff and damaged hair conditions are worsened due to dirt and unwanted particles settling in hair. Prolonged exposure of such conditions to hair increases oil secretion and closing up pores. Wooden combs aids in removing such unwanted particles thereby opening up pores and allowing scalp to breathe.
Plastic/metal combs are susceptible to fungal infection, whereas neem wood doesn’t allow fungal growth. Getting rid of these fungal growth will lead to reduction in dandruff.
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“Comb Selection Guide”

Choose the perfect comb for your hair type

Select the most suitable comb for your hair type

Health Benefits

Combining with "Healthy Ideas Hand Crafted Neem Wood Comb" is very good treatment of diseases; it is useful for the treatment of Dizziness, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Young white hair, Alopecia, Neurovascular headache, Migraine and Eye disease. "Healthy Ideas Hand Crafted Neem Wood Comb" has unique health benefits. Plastic combs produce static electricity when somebody combs, it is very adverse for the hair and roots. “HEALTHY IDEAS HAND CRAFTED NEEM WOOD COMB” does not produce such static electricity which is not just good for hair but also good for the health of whole body. It can stimulates the nerve ending in the scalp and head points. It promotes the blood circulation, regulates the nervous system, eliminates fatigue and promotes hair growth. It is especially suitable for students as it improves memory and mental power. Also combing therapy is an ancient method of health care that can be practiced by anyone to improve their health.

Being non Static It Helps to control