Fresh Cold (Wood)
Pressed Oil

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What are cold pressed/ Wood Pressed Oils?

Cold pressed oils are extracted in the traditional way using a wooden Chekku/ Ghani at room temperature without heating or any chemical process. Hence these oils are hygienic and retain all the vitamins, Nutrients & flavor. They are naturally free from Trans fatty acids and Cholesterol.


Good source of Vitamin E, Omega fatty acids & Antioxidants

No Trans-fat & Cholesterol

Unrefined – Retains all the nutrients

No added Chemicals or preservatives

About Commercial Oils

The way that oil is extracted has a direct effect on how the oil tastes in your food and the amount of nutrients it has to offer.

Commercially available oils are extracted using either heat or Chemical extraction where the contents are heated to very high temperature for better oil extraction. Heating to such high temperatures alters the properties of the oil in unfavorable ways (Carcinogenic substances are formed) and all the nutrients, vitamins and Flavor are stripped off. After the extraction, Oils are Refined, and preservatives are added for a longer and stable shelf life.

Cons of Commerical Oils


Presence of Trans-fatty acids


Added Preservatives, colors and flavors

About Healthy Ideas

Healthy Ideas was started with a goal to provide traditional, healthy, unadulterated food to the community.

We directly procure the produce from the farmers, who follow sustainable and natural farming methods. We also encourage and are working towards making other farmers shift to Natural and Organic farming methods. We do this, So our farmers benefit from good returns and our consumers enjoy the quality products.

In this current fast paced world, most of us have fallen for mainstream, low cost commercial products which are unhealthy, adulterated and are rich in preservatives. We, as team “Healthy Ideas” want to make a change in the lifestyle of our consumer by providing them Healthy & Natural products.

How it Works

Hand picked seed from fresh crops

Seeds are dried well under natural sun light

Oil seeds are crushed to extract oil naturally in small batches

Packed and sent to stores near by you

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil helps in Lowering Blood pressure

Contains Omega 6 fatty acids, which helps to lower Cholesterol level and keeps the heart healthy

Contains copper, which helps in rheumatoid arthritis

Contains Calcium, which promotes bone health

Contains Zinc & Vitamin E, which prevents Premature Ageing

Recommended for Oil pulling process to promote oral health
Has Anti-ageing property

Helps fight stress and depression

Benefits of Peanut Oil

Ground nut oil contains lot of essential fatty acids (Omega – 3, 6) and free from cholesterol

Cold Pressed Ground nut oil has high smoking point and hence suitable for deep frying and high temperature cooking

Helps reduce LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and boosts HDL (Good Cholesterol)

Rich in Antioxidants

Helps reduce Risk of Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
Contains Rich Folate which boosts Fertility.

Control Blood Sugar Level.

Rich in Protein - helps Hair growth and to moisturize Hair


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